Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ms. Match

Dumpy rainy cold weather days lately kind of make me feel like disappearing. What happened to the promise of Summer from last week, with the 80 degree weather and the shorts and sunglasses? Suddenly I am back to my Fall palette and those light girly colors I was so enthusiastic about have to wait. However, to counter the threat of vanishing completely in my winter wetness depression, I did manage to play around with one element I am anticipating for spring: the mismatching of different patterns into one outfit!

Floral skirt: Thrifted
Plaid stockings: 
Clown and children t-shirt: Gift from super sweet astronomer
Ankle boots: Vintage, thrifted.

I have been admiring a good clash in some of the posts to Wardrobe Remix, and decided to try it out myself! Here I have mixed the floral skirt, plaid stockings, bandana, and checkered earrings.

Even if the weather is boring, it's still always fun to play with your hair! I sat behind a friend in class who had two little bows to clasp her french braids and I absolutely had to copy it. I got my gray velvet bow barrettes from Little Red Fox's etsy shop, and I have been wearing them almost every day since then.

Plaid 50's dress: Vintage shop in Austin.
Tights: Gap?
Boots: Thrifted
Necklace: Thrifted.
Scarf: Kudzu Antiques
Belt: Thrifted

The next day I decided to mismatch patterns again. I combined a kind of plaid green vintage dress, lacy tights, polkadot belt and a polkadot scarf. As you can see from these pictures, being Ms. Match greatly improved my mood after my summer parade had literally been rained upon. Now I am going to Savannah to soak up some coastal rays! 

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