Friday, May 8, 2009

Thrift Around Town

I know it doesn't look like much, but Last Chance Thrift Store in Decatur has been a favorite for many years. It might be missing an 'L' but what it isn't missing is every crazy thing you've ever dreamed of stumbling upon on a thrifting adventure! Located off of Church Street, this ugly green-roofed building (it used to be purple) is nestled between Indian grocery stores and mattress supply outlets, and behind it's somewhat-functional automatic doors (harkening it's past life as a supermarket) is a world of moth ball scented treasures. 

The prices are right-- every day has some half off deals and on Mondays EVERYTHING is half off! I'm particularly fond of their shoe selection, most of the ones in my closet purchased at this very thrift store. 

Most pairs are under $5.oo, so on Mondays you really can't go wrong. But what I really love more than shoes (if that's even possible) are the random unexpecteds that crop up in this store! Their messy aisles of trinkets and tchotchkies are magical. I could spend all day sorting through the funny old lady-ish dish sets or rooting through the bins of throw pillows and fabrics. This is where I have found almost all of my picture frames and often the contents.

Last week, I found this lamp.

It was a little busted but I have crafty technologically smart people in my life and it was only a matter of electrical tape to get this baby shinin'!

I also found this boaters hat.

I swear I wasn't even looking for a boater hat, but when I saw this one there for less than a buck, could I really turn the poor thing down? It was actually someone's souvenir hat from Venice; I saw them all over the place when I visited there, so I just pulled off the corny gondola ribbon and tied a (probably familiar to you by now) scarf around instead.

Hat: Last Chance.
Shoes: Last Chance.
Shorts: Last Chance.
Top: I wish I could remember!
Bag: Clothing Warehouse in Little Five Points.
Jewelry: All thrifted and antiqued.

With these kinds of treasures waiting to be unearthed, you bet your behind I'll be there tomorrow for half of Mondays! Last Chance Thrift Store, you receive two very meaningful thumbs up and the Zombie Lace seal of approval!
Top: My mom brought it back from China last year. (I am getting pumped for MY upcoming trip to China by wearing all my chinese clothes).
Shorts: Vintage 50's reversables, swapped.
Sandals: Target.

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