Monday, April 13, 2009

Nip your bad day in the bud... dressing up for a WONDERFUL day! I think I've mentioned before the mood-enhancing properties I believe clothing to have.  I know my fellow students are with me in the end-of-semester mayhem when it feels like you barely have time to eat and breathe, let alone concoct the perfect outfit. In stressful times, it's so tempting to roll out of bed, pull a bra on under the t-shirt you slept in, and step into some sweat pants before trudging out the door. Waking up to the sound of rain and wind is even worse, and may lead one to practical tennis shoes and puffy shapeless coats. My advice: Don't do it!! You set the mood for your entire day as you get dressed, and if your outfit says "I'd rather be back in bed" chances are your mind will wander in this direction as well and make your bad day even longer and harder to bear. 

My vintage polyester dress: Thrifted in Cincinnati.
Brown belt: Unearthed in a pile of stuff at my parent's house.
Black boots: Also unearthed at my parent's house. Thrifted in Charleston, SC.
Maroon socks: Pilfered from dad's sock drawer. Wow, I sure clean my parents out when I visit!
Hat and scarf: Yardsale.
Coat: Believe it or not, I got it really cheap in the middle of summer at a surf shop in Charleston. And it's the best coat I've ever owned, I wore it all over France and have had it for 3 years probably.
Gray gloves: The famed PRADA gloves found at a yardsale. See, I'm not afraid to wear them! 

Cold and rain sucks and with the schizophrenia in the weather here in Atlanta, I'm surprised we aren't all walking around with nose bleeds! On these kinds of days I am particularly tempted to throw on any ole layers for warmth and practicality. But instead, I decided to take advantage of the drop in temperature and wear a polyester dress that would have otherwise had to wait until next winter! Not only is this dress cozy warm, but it also makes me feel like a responsible accomplished go-get-em kind of prissy 70's/60's school girl. Which I love feeling like when I know I have a hectic day of running around and deadlines and so forth. 

I also shot these girls standing outside a building on Georgia State campus because I admire the way they are totally embracing the cold. You don't get to wear your thickest fuzziest boots very often in Hotlanta; I especially like the gray tights and yellow shoes on the girl in the middle.

If it's going to be cold, let that be an outfit inspiration, not a fashion drag!

Dress: Vintage from Ms. Jackson's Blessing Tires sale. (I was thinking of hemming it shorter, just above the knee, what do you think?)
Hat: Vintage from Ms. Jackson's Blessing Tires sale.
Scarf: Antique.
Belt: Came with another pair of thrifted pants.
Purse: Thrifted in Cincinnati
Socks: I've had them a long time. Just between us, they are secretly toe socks.
Nude pumps: Thrifted, Last Chance in Decatur.

I also find that running errands is made that much more enjoyable by a pretty outfit. With the previous day's snow flurries, I wasn't about to waste a chance to dress for some sun. Throwing on a dress and a hat is just as easy as a t-shirt and a ponytail, and feeling fabulous while visiting the post office and the bank and the pharmacy turns these tasks from a chore, into a stroll in the city. Comfortable heels make all the difference in my opinion! It's amazing the way simply adding a heel to an outfit instantly steps it up a notch. I was originally wearing some comfortable granny shoes with this dress, but once I changed into my nude pumps I suddenly couldn't wait to leave the house.

Rather than be bummed out about having to run errands and do chores, I try to let it be the reason for getting dressed. Dressing a certain way realigns my entire attitude, and while I'm sitting in a classroom taking an exam or stomping through disease-ridden puddles on Peachtree Street, I am at least comforted in knowing that I look the part in my fake nerd glasses or my silly goulashes. 

Take it from me. I look smart, right?

Nerd glasses: I bought them at a costume shop a while back to wear as a Woody Allen costume.
Blouse: Target.
Res striped bow tie: Sash or belt that came with another pair of shorts.
Patent leather belt: Antique.
Shorts: Vintage, from one of my numerous shopping excursions in Cincinnati.
Red pumps: Thrifted.
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