Monday, December 29, 2008

You call this December??

I know the fifty five degree weather in Atlanta is the sign of our deteriorating planet and human life as we know it, but putting all that aside, let’s admit that it’s really enjoyable! The last few weeks my idea of dressing warm has been pairing a summery dress with tights and a sweater. My good friend, comedian, fellow blogger, and sexiest man alive Joe Pettis and I went to see Santa in Centennial Park; notice little Joey at ease on Santa’s knee in the middle of December with only the hue of his jolly cotton t-shirt to denote the season.

I hate the cold. Winter used to be my arch enemy, including fashionably, and living in France was hard at first in that respect because in wintry climates, you never fully feel like you are wearing what you really want. My wardrobe there was bland... which is really fine in one way because I was traveling so much that it really was better to have less stuff and just pack sensibly, but as amazing as voyaging the world and all that is, not dressing like yourself can take a toll! Covering up all your outfits every day in the same practical coat and boots gets BORING, and as I get older, I am learning more and more ways around that conundrum.

My trip to New York over Christmas gave me a newfound respect for Northerners who manage to be fashionable and stay warm. My outfits definitely suffered because I found out I’m much less habituated to the cold now than I was in France! At some moments this trip I wistfully imagined myself in a full body snowsuit rather than amazing pumps, but after a few days I did end up developing and picking up some tricks to look cute and stand the bitter city winds!

One thing I saw girls doing is wearing super long leg warmers over their jeans. I think I’m pretty much over the calf-length leg warmers of seasons past. I have two pairs that are a few years old and I rarely feel motivated to wear them except cozily around the house. I think the thigh high is appealing to me for some reason, it’s a good remix on them and I can't wait to get my stems in a pair to call my own <3

I'm also in love with my elbow-length gloves from Forever 21 which are perfect for making a springish coat more winter. If you happen to have a vintage coat fettish, you’ll notice how those Jackie-O inspired partial sleeves leave your wrists bare! These gloves are on that for you.

Being accustomed to my warm Atlanta winter, I thought my brown suede pirate boots were the epitome of cozy, but once in NY I realized they would NOT do in a sloshy snowy climate. I wasn't too unhappy with my wet feet because it gave me an excuse to buy these waterproof riding boots at a steal near some crazy new yorky Christmas market:

It’s good to be home where I have access to my whole wardrobe especially now that the temperature is starting to drop (no, really! they say it will get in the 30’s... that’s cold, right...?). I like looking at people's photostream's like Dearilu's for help preparing for the cold front

Dearilou's blog.

If you’re like me and get those chilly blues, try to remember that snowproof doesn't have to equal bland! I've gone from being a one-coat kinda gal in my naive youth to the neighborhood coat rack! ....I mean a sophisticated young lady. But seriously, having an orgy of scarves and tights and accessories and shoes in your closet makes life worth living in the dreary months of winter... and dressing up for the cold can be just as fun as dressing up for the mild.
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