Thursday, December 18, 2008

The beginning.

This is going to be a blog about culture and living in Atlanta-- AFAP stands for As Fabulously As Possible, because anyone who has lived here knows that sometimes you have to dig a little bit to find what's amazing about this city, and in many cases make your own fun and fabulousness.

I am a college gal living Down Town therefore most of my time is occupied by schoolwork: I'm a creative writing major (don't worry, it counts as an English degree so it isn't completely useless) and working on my own stories and editing other people's stories keeps me busy. I intern at the wonderful New South Magazine but I also hope to publish some Atlanta literature right here on Zombie Lace! This blog will definitely be affected by these factors and my major interests, and I happen to love

1) Fashion: magazines and designers, sure, but mostly vintage, thrift, and bargain shopping... I like to drool over the designers in the fancy magazines then use that inspiration to create myself a fantastic outfit for less that ten dollars... if I can. Sometimes my imagination is a bit overambitious!

2) Old Used Stuff: Thrifted, antiques, vintage. Ever since I was a kid I had a thing for used stuff, I loved to go antiquing with my parents and touch all of the quiet, pretty objects and imagine the people who used to own them in the 'old days.' Some of my best vintage dresses come from being that age when I couldn't even fit into them yet but knew I just had to have them! I owe young me a lot :~) I've also always gotten a kick out of watching old shows and commercials and looking through vintage magazines and photo albums. Yard sales keep me happy for hours.

2) Crafts, including sewing, cross stitching, knitting, sculpting, doodling, glueing, glittering, etc.

3) The World and living in harmony with it, either by hanging out with woods and streams and deer and whatnot, or just by living a day to day LOW IMPACT lifestyle; I think this can apply to crafts and fashion because you can be green with glamour! Resurrecting the corpses of dead clothing... Call it putting a little lace on a zombie!

And perhaps overarching and encompassing everything:
4) Culture! Mine, yours, ours, theirs, etc. I'm obsessed with languages and traveling, religions and social structures, and everything in between. History and art are amazing, but I am just as interested in the phenomena of POP culture!

I hope this blog will be a way for me to share my interests with the interested, thoughts with the thoughtful, etc. Maybe I can offer ATLiens a fresh look at ATL.
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