Tuesday, April 17, 2012

summer greenery

Happy Earth Week! Or so we've named it in the elementary school class I teach in. As the kiddos learn all about being greener, I find my awareness of my own global impact growing as well.  When struck with the urge for a little retail therapy, I resisted the siren call of the local H&M and visited my favorite thrift store (Last Chance) instead.

And the green gods rewarded me! I came away with an American Apparel dress and a tribal print tapestry purse. Therapy session complete. And it cost me less than $10! 

American Apparel dress from Last Chance
DIY cropped shirt
Anne Taylor Loft flip flops
Bike shorts (underneath) from China
This outfit was perfect for throwing on to do work around the house and run errands between painting sessions; I'm painting another apartment! You can see the evidence on my legs. I must be a glutton for punishment ;)

I urge you to celebrate Earth Week with us, and may the green gods reward you, too!


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