Monday, August 16, 2010

Things to miss: My life partner, Tate

I am transitioning to my Wordpress blog; in a few days, I will no longer have access to blogger. It's going to be hard going through withdrawal from all my favorite blogger blogs, but I gotta do it! Along with facebook and other google related creature comforts... But please check me out there! May Go Wren: China Blog.  Fashion/vintage/style related entries will be categorized as "Zombie Lace"so click on that if you want to filter out unrelated stuff!

Today's post (since I don't have a lot of time what with packing and preparing etc) is dedicated to my cat whom I am cruelly abandoning while I travel the East. Praying my two friends can take her, but that's not going to be a sure thing til later today so KINDA nervous on that! Made this video to encourage them:


(if that doesn't work, try here for youtube)

And this is what I've been wearing to pack and move and hustle and bustle:





100 % Thrifted (something else I'll miss doing in China!!)
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