Wednesday, July 14, 2010

what's in your notebook?

I want to be a more active blogger, but my lack of camera is a major barrier! So I decided to take advantage of having access to one at work and took some pictures of the contents of my notebook. Now you'll have something (hopefully) interesting to look at though not fashion related.

Do any of you carry a notebook around for ideas and doodles? I never leave home without mine! I have a weird little hobby of writing syllabic poems (mostly haikus and tankas that I put on my tumblr), and I like to jot them down immediately as they come to me. Here you can see a bit of my writing process! Also, you may not know this about me, but I'm a wee bit of a cartoonist... not that I'm ready to be featured at the Louvre or anything, but I do enjoy it if just for my own amusement. So for your entertainment, here is a sneak peak at the contents of my notebook (which disturbingly might reveal the contents of my mind!):

Some strange cowboy cat that came out of my imagination after several of the previous doodle.

Hey, Arnold! Because I can.

A creepy looking portrait of my hand. Ugh, more incentive not to smoke: my skin could really look like this some day!

Quotes I liked from a magazine article.

Poems being born.

I dunno, why the heck not?

Haha, a little doodle I drew to shame my PMSing boo.

Bare with me while I await the arrival of my camera's replacement charger and there shall be pretty clothes galore!

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