Thursday, July 8, 2010


Weird title, I know, but I've been lusting so hard over platforms lately I kind of wish I could do them. All night long.

(the Kork Ease platform wedges owned and frequently rocked by Calivintage)

One of the hardest things for me about moving out of the country in a month is trying to keep my clothing collection under control. I feel like I've been purging and purging my wardrobe, yet can't seem to muster up the self control to keep new additions from sneaking in. Some things I justify, by making myself get rid of three items for every one I add, or telling myself how useful all the blouses and blazers I can't resist will be for teacher outfits in China.

But then there's shoes. Oooooh wonderful shoes. I know a lot of girls can relate to the warm fuzzy feeling, the pitter patter of the heart, the cold sweat that erupts at the sight of a beautiful pair of shoes. Platform shoes are one of those highly impractical items to lug halfway across the world, being bulky and heavy by design. And just as the nature of eros in classic greek thought requires the beloved and the lover to never actually unite for "love" to exist, so must I be sundered from the object of my desire thus intensifying these pangs of plat-love.

(Sappho, thinking about the sequined Louboutins she can never afford.)

This feeling has inspired humans to create art about it for thousands of years, like Sappho immortalized in her fragmented versus on eros. I was similarly seized by inspiration when Margaret from the blog Shine by Three wrote up designer Irene Brandt, and I got a load of these incredible platforms:


I don't know why I am so in love. Maybe because they remind me of space-monster boots except super chic in lovely soft gray suede, and that they would make me taaaalllll!

I wrote a haiku about them for my tumblr blog:

You kill me, Irene,
with your fab ankle boots. Note
to Self: MARRY RICH.

Okay, so I'm no Sappho. But I do find it therapeutic to fantasize about all the platforms in the world that I shall someday make mine without actually indulging the urge. I already have more crap than I can bring to China, and must remind myself that China is a glorious mecca for all things trendy and fashionable and inexpensive... I can buy as many platform wedges as it takes to fill the void in my heart once I'm over there. I do have one really awesome pair already that are absolutely coming with me though. They're familiar and comforting (if not terribly comfortABLE). I love them even though they're far from designer. I picked them up for something like $30 in one of the ghetto fabulous boutiques at Underground Atlanta.

H&M blouse
Thrifted hawaiin print skirt
Sam Moon bag
Platforms <3

I don't have a good picture of them by themselves but here they are featured in these outfits. I wore this when my three best friends from childhood and I were on a trip together. As it happens, all three of them are TALL, like, grazing the 6 foot margin. At 5'4 I'd say I'm average, but somehow always feel like a twelve year old when the four of us get together!

(I'm the short one)

One more reason to declare my devotion to the plats: They make me feel like one of the girls instead of a little sister! As long as the rest of them opt for flats, that is...

(sorry for the quality and slight irrelevance of my images, my camera is still out of service so I worked with what I had!)
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