Sunday, July 4, 2010

stars and stripes and outfit evolution (in reverse)

I think I'm going to be one of those embarrassing moms or kindergarten teachers who has a dress and a broach and a pair of earrings for every holiday. I love dressing in theme, and have the most fun ever preparing the right dorky outfit for the right occasion. Naturally today was Fourth of July! My camera is out of commission, but I had some fun with photobooth this gorgeous day of independence. Here's the evolution of my outfit (the top pics are the result I settled on).

I started with last year's Walmart tank, cut up and reshaped, but I didn't feel classy enough with the torn up T and shorts and braids.

I reaaaallly wanted an excuse to wear that amazing jacket I found forever ago at a thrift store.... but Atlanta in July is just not the place to pull that off. Plus I wanted that class-factor like I mentioned.

I got really happy with this old plain blue t-shirt; that with the paisley granny shorts and flats made for a sweet 50s picnic look, I thought. Plus I pinned up the french braids Heidi style. I'm using plain black sewing ribbon for a belt and my necklace is an anchor with an American flag design.

Hope everyone else looked festive and ate plenty of our national foods and mayonnaise and PBR etc.

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