Friday, July 31, 2009

How to tie 40s scarf

I didn't even think to include a "how to" on my last post about 40s style scarves, but Eyeliah from Style Symmetry nicely asked me to elaborate so here is  my "tutorial." I'm no vintage hair genius like some people; in fact, I just kind of made this up so I have no idea if this is how they really did it. But it works for me so I might as well share! If you try this out, you might have to play with different scarf sizes and ways to tuck it in but eventually you'll get it and add your own flare too!

Step one: Fold scarf into triangle.

Step two: Put triangle over your messy overgrown backwoods bush of a head, pointy part towards forehead.  I have a small scarf so I am staying behind my ears, but you can also go over your ears which is more authentic.

Step three: Bring other two corners around to front.

Step four: Tie loose ends over triangle point. At this stage, you might need to adjust, maybe pull middle part forward more, or for bigger scarves tuck in the extra fabric on top. You can also pin flaps down.

Step five: Tie ends in a bow or tuck them in along sides. Adjust bangs to your taste, stuff offending loose hairs beneath scarf. With bigger scarves, if the middle part is going too far over your forehead, you can fold it back and hold it in place with a broach or pin.

Step six: Await the emergence of your inner smokin 1940's vixen. Feel fabulous. Do house chores or put rivets in a metal sheet. 

Taa daa!

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