Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fashion Undead or Off With Its Head??

I had so much fun reading everyone's reactions to the 1996 shirt from my last Fashion Undead or Off With Its Head post that I couldn't wait to do another one! Since that stupid free online poll I made didn't work at all, this time I decided to load the pictures onto Chictopia with their poll tool. I would love it if you'd head over there and vote, and if you aren't a Chictopia user, why don't you go ahead and sign up? It is fuuunnn!


Without further ado, I present to you the 
Silky Lavender Sexy Granny 1970s Jump Suit

It has a beaded embellishment up the right shoulder, a plunging v-neck, and ties together at the nape of the neck with a string leaving the back slightly open. It's also got an elastic waist that ties at the left hip and sweet deep pockets to boot! I found it at Bargain City Thrift store. One look at those long flowy pants connected to long flowy sleeves in that outrageously powdery purple color and I knew this thing was coming home with me. It was just too crazy of a garment not to be mine!

The applique reminds me of Laverne from the show Laverne and Shirley. I bet she would have worn this jumpsuit on a night out!

As much as I love it for the novelty and the fun factor of skipping around the apartment in it, the garment is a bit big on me and I know that liquid lavender is not my color. I do love a good one-piece outfit, but I've never worn this one out. Maybe it's a little matronly and grandmotherly, maybe a bit awkward and dorky. What do you think? To help you help me decide, here it is worn a few different ways:

Plain and simple as-is:

Scrunched sleeve and harem pant bottom. (PS. the way to acheive that harem pant MC Hammer Pants look with a baggy cuff is to pinch it tight around your ankle then fold it up a few turns so it sticks in place)

Sleeves and slacks rolled up to be more like a romper.

Now I turn to you dear reader. Does this old jumpsuit have the potential to live again as some classy lady's cocktail attire? Or is this the kind of 70's polyester evil that should be banished to the grave for eternity? Give your two cents. Be brutal. Go to Chictopia and vote in the poll. 
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