Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Responsible School Girl Outfits

I want to apologize for the radio silence on my end, but as the title suggests, it is now that time of year when I must shed my summer frivolity and become a responsible school girl. That combined with an internet crisis at my apartment made it difficult for me to blog and to comment on other blogs. (I've never been as consistent and frequent of a blogger as some of the other amazing dedicated ladies out there, and I hate to say I'm going to become even less active as the semester consumes me). Thank you to everyone who wrote me to ask where I was! I am so touched people worried about my well being! Your comments, no school on Tuesdays, and a shiny new internet cable bring me here today.

As depressing as it is to say so-long to summer, I can't pretend I haven't been excited about dressing the part for the school year! Nothing helps me get my mind in the right place like the right outfit, so last week I specialized in responsible school girl looks. Here are two I managed to document:
                  Skirt: Swapped                                             Skirt: Hand Made by me :~)
            Glasses and Scarf: Sam Moon                                       Pearls (totally fake): thrifted
Chinese Slippers: China!                                      Flats: Vintage
Bag: Sam Moon                                                Bag: Sam Moon

I know everyone has their little back-to-school resolutions and rituals and I am no exception. Here are the things I've been all about for fall.

My Must Have School Girl Accessories:

Comfortable flats! 
I love heels but they aren't realistic for running around all day and for showing up for my outdoor center job in. I've been living in sensible flats like these, especially my chinese slippers!

New School Bag: 

Every year I treat myself to a new school bag. I love this satchel style one with gold chains, something about the shape and texture just says "no nonsense hot mama" to me, which is a vibe I want to embody as the school year gets tough! I got it at Sam Moon which is this amazing gigantic wholesale accessories warehouse in Dallas. If you're ever there, hit this place UP!!

Up-do's and Pearls: 

My hair is waaaay over grown at this point; in fact, I'm embarassed to report that it may be treading dangerous mullet territory very soon. To counteract this, I have been pinning it up with a million bobby pins and clipping different little bows and barrettes in it. This combined with pearls just makes me feel dang classy and ready to take important notes and meet with influential people!

Other than that, I've just been sure to bring my water bottle and a cardigan with me everywhere. Has anyone else started a nasty old school year? What are your rituals?
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