Thursday, May 14, 2009

Short Cut to Summer Cuteness

I have finally done it. I'm sure my friends and loved ones were getting tired of hearing me insist that I was going to chop my hair off, but I finally did it! And thanks to the genius of the hair-artist Cregg at Soge off of Clairemont Road, I went from having a mop of I don't know what 
to a pixie cut of a certain je ne sais quoi! 

Although I've always considered myself a stylish person, my hair has been weighing me down (literally and figuratively) when it comes to fashion. I've always wanted to have a beautiful hair cut with some shape and interest to it, but my hair is thick and wavy and otherwise just plain hard to manage, and let's face it-- I'm lazy. I like to sleep as late as possible in the mornings and the idea of waking up to wash and blow-dry and style is pretty much unrealistic. Which results in lots of pony tails and lots of days where my hair isn't something to compliment an outfit, but something to deal with.  

I was a little worried that if I cut my hair short I might look too masculine or that my vintage outfits wouldn't look right anymore. Ridiculously ungrounded fears I realized as I searched for vintage pixie cut inspiration and found that the women who sported these looks are some of the most stylish feminine women in Hollywood! 
(Twiggy, Mia Farrow, and of course Audrey Hepburn)

It's only been a day,  but so far I have had nothing but fun playing around with my new look. It's amazing the kind of liberating feeling something as simple as a haircut can give you! I was so inspired that I went home and finally started experimenting with my new sewing machine and some scrap fabric. The results:
A fun little summer clutch that ought to make people feel just a little bit hungry when they look at it. All I did was use some leftover fabric to cover an ugly plain thrifted handbag, added a little lace and a bow, and voila. Cookout. I mean clutch. 
Blouse: H&M last summer.
AWESOME pants with straps: Etsy from Violet Folklore.
Necklaces: American anchor came with a pair of boots from Left Hand Endeavor's etsy shop and I found the heart one in a random assortment of costume jewelry that belonged to my mom.

I wish you all hair success and creativity such as I have found to kick off summer!
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