Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Solutions: Braid Crown

With temperatures in the triple digits for days on end, sometimes a girl needs something other than a high bun to keep from dying of heat stroke and boredom. Lately, I've been favoring the braid crown; kind of like a double Heidi. It works really well especially if you have extremely thick hair like me. 

This has been the hairstyle that has seen me through my first few days in NYC! And here are some written instructions on how to recreate this look for yourself. Read them and follow along with the pictures to see how it's done. 

Separate hair into pigtails, and then into fourths.

The back section will be pulled under the front section and over the top of the head like so. 

Braid the back section up and towards the top of your head. Do not braid too tightly at the scalp.

Braid the front section towards the back of your head, beginning behind the ear. 

Tie off braids and save for later.

Do the same on the opposite side of head.

Make sure to stare in shock at whatever is happening on the TV as you braid.

Now you should have four braids! Take the back braids and pull them under the front ones and over the top of your head.

Use overlapping bobby pins to secure. Try to pin through the braids so pins aren't as visible.

Pin both braid-ends, tucking them underneath each other. 

Now time to do the back! Pull the right braid over to meet the braids on the left side. Pull it pretty close to your head so that your crown won't be loose or lumpy. 

Throw some pins in 'er

Cross the remaining left braid over the right one and pin.

Go through crown and add pins throughout for good measure. 

Taa-daa! Congratulations, princess, you are now crowned.

Now you can go traveling to see your painter friend in NYC (that's the talented artist, Jackie Dorage, in the background of these photos), confident in the knowledge that your hair is secure, cute, and most importantly, off of your neck!
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