Monday, April 1, 2013

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Wearing fake glasses...

I know it's completely silly of me, and I'm sure people who actually need them find it ridiculous, but I must confess I own and occasionally wear several pairs of fake/lesnless glasses!

I think I started my love of sporting fake glasses when I lived in China.

1. People had no shame about wearing or doing things "just for fashion" so this trend was everywhere and it felt normal to buy and wear glasses for fashion instead of necessity.

2. Wearing frames actually has an emotional impact and ability to make me feel a little bit hidden. This was so valuable in China when I got stared at just for going to the grocery store. Sometimes I was tired/sick/grumpy and NOT in the mood for attention; glasses let me go forth with a feeling of being "in disguise."

3. I found fake glasses especially comforting when I got a crazy rash on my face! I know people could still see I was foreign/had a rash on my face, but the glasses still made me feel protected somehow.

I still get in that same mood to feel inconspicuous from time to time so frames like these from Firmoo can come in handy. I use them on "shy" days or "bad eye days" as I call them (you know when your eyelid is puffy or your eyes just look tired??) And... I'm not kidding... I really am this big of a cliche... but glasses can also make you feel smart! I like to throw them on when I know I'm going to have a busy, efficient day. They help me remember the part.

 Firmoo was so nice to offer me a pair of glasses in exchange for trying them out and writing a blog post about it. I like these lenses I ended up choosing, they're kind of scholarly and mousy, great for "bad eye days" or "need to feel smart" days. I could have tolerated them being even bigger and rounder. Sometimes you just have to go big or go home when it comes to being a glasses faker.

A good thing about Firmoo glasses is that these cute frames are for the vision impaired and the wannabes alike! If you're a super faker like me, you can even order them without the plastic lenses and just have the frames. Sometimes I prefer that because I can see better without the fake plastic lens. The irony of this is not lost on me. I know people probably think I am so strange when they notice I have no glass in my glasses... But I can't help it! I'm just a big ole poser.

Do you want some Firmoo glasses, too? Whether you are a legitimate glasses-needer or a simple frames-for-fashion lover, Firmoo has you covered.
I am giving away 6 vouchers for $30 at Firmoo
You can choose from their Designer Frames (which I LOVE) here. You're just responsible for S&H. This giveaway is open internationally to places Firmoo delivers to. Check here to make sure your country is covered. 

How to enter: 
Comment with which pair is your favorite and an email address I can reach you at. For extra entires, "like" Firmoo and Zombielace on Facebook. You can also share this giveaway on your social media of choice. Let me know which you do so I can give you the extra entries! Giveaway ends May 1st. 

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