Monday, October 8, 2012

Raven Cliff Saturdays

ATLiens, if you want a fresh way to experience Fall, I recommend taking the 2 hour drive from Atlanta to Raven Cliffs Falls. It's a lovely, easy trail ending in some impressive waterfalls. The last bit of the hike you have to scramble up these tree roots to get to a a cliff that causes your stomach to pay a visit to your throat when you peer over the edge.

I loved this weekend because it gave me an excuse to wear my cute polkadot backpack I bought in China and my vintage Outdoorables by Daniel Green. (I'll tell you a secret... I changed into ugly unstylish tennis shoes for the actual hike). I also threw on a bow, because, well, I just can't help myself sometimes.

I can't seem to stop photographing mushrooms. Below are just two favorites of the dozens I found. Did you know the "mushroom" we see is actually just the fruit? The real mushroom is underground, unseen to us. Being a 2nd grade teacher is fun because you learn things like this. Fact: Hanging out with 8 year olds all week makes you smarter.

Lastly, is there anything more lovely than the sight of your own dear city sparkling across the interstate as you make your way home?

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