Tuesday, March 20, 2012

so long, winter

Yellow like a sweet
canary, yet skimming the
earth, water-bird style.
Some skirts cary warmer days
in just the thought of their hue.

Another outfit from several weeks ago. It must be old because such length and layers would be unthinkable now. I wish I'd worn this skirt more during the brief winter; it's long and oh so warm, but I think the bold bright yellow threw me off. I tend to be a muted-toned dresser in the muted-toned seasons.  Still glad I picked it up for a few dollars at (I think) Last Chance Thrift Store; some cold days are just begging for a bit of color, and sometimes it's your job to bring it!




Knit yellow skirt from Last Chance Thrift Store (?)
Lace up boots from Underground Atlanta
Gray shirt from Rainbow
Jessica Simpson brand scarf gift from grandma
Bow barrette gift from Korean student ;)
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