Monday, March 12, 2012

collecting cobwebs (and a thought on ethical shopping)



Rainbow white tee and poofy hip pants
Laceup boots from Underground Atlanta
Cardigan from H&M (Suzhou)
Shawl/scarf vintage, found in attic.

I don't know why I let some outfit pictures languish on my desktop for weeks without posting them. Maybe I'm busy, or a bit discouraged by a fussy camera. Or maybe it's because I can't quite decide what I want to say about them.

Reading this Asian Cajuns post didn't help me want to gush about my clothes either. Boo! I hate it when the reality of a favorite indulgence confronts me. Lar basically points out the ugly truth I always know but never really think about when it comes to trendy cheap clothing stores like Forever 21 and H&M and probably my beloved ghettofabulous Rainbow, too. That for me to get that brief satisfaction of scoring a sequined top for $7, someone on the other end is sacrificing in some way. I like the way Lar puts it when she says, "at the back of my mind I did have that niggly sensation (aka guilty conscience) because I knew if I was buying a necklace for £1, someone on the other end wasn’t making very much money." I know exactly the sensation she means.

But what's an impoverished clothes-addict to do? Lar suggests shopping in thrift stores, but sometiems you just need your quick fix of a fleeting trend (you know, to set off all the frumpy oversized thriftstore garments you wear during the week). What do you think, my lovely fashionable ones?
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