Monday, June 7, 2010

Pretty people I SCENE in the A

Yeah yeah yeah, I know people give "scenes" a hard time, and the well known Cabbage Town dive bar 97 Estoria may be a breeding ground for this criticized demographic, but you have to admit that "scenes" can be the best place to run into the most attractive, interesting people!

Just check out these adorable fellow Estoriafest attendees:

(this photo stolen from Myss Bond on flickr)

I am always impressed with how we ATLiens find ways to cope with the heat and still look cute. I saw lots of adorable rompers and lightweight 80s dresses converted into minis. I hope this girl in the yellow flats didn't notice what a stalker I was standing behind her.

It also seems pretty typical for creative types and artists to have some of the best looks, like local musician Brittany Bosco (above), looking perfectly effortlessly delectable in her summer cutoffs and kitschy cat-eye glasses. Her friend there doesn't look half bad either with his black Buddy Holly thing goin on.

And then of course as soon as the Coathangers came on stage, I developed an instant obsession. These girls are bad ass. Not only do they scream and stomp like dirty punks with extreme daddy issues, they dress cute while doing it. I dig the monochromatic thing. And notice that they switch up instruments throughout their sets! So awesome.
Sharing the elixir of life and beverage of choice for Estoriafest, Pabst Blue Ribbon

Before the night was through, I had a belly full of PBR, ears full of good noises, and eyes full of pretty people. In other words, I was beyond satisfied.

Your humble narrator.
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