Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello Weenie

Did I tell you we got a dog?

She is a tiny lil 5 pounder named Gertrude (Trudy for short).

Naturally, we like to put her in humiliating outfits for our own pleasure. Halloween is the perfect excuse to do so.

She was the belle of the ball at our halloween party on Saturday. I dressed as the Mad Woman in the Attic. You get exactly one million points if you have any idea what that is, which my uncultured friends were unable to do. Which is totally not their fault and they should in fact be praised for being friends with a giant nerd like me.

(Thank you to friend, Witt, for taking this delightfully creepy photo of me in madwoman action)

I also ran across this old throwback from 2010. I'm Annie Hall. Not sure if it was Halloween or just for fun as I would wear this on a normal day. (Side note: One of the biggest regrets of my life is misplacing those sunglasses).

Do you dress up your pets?
What's your favorite dress up moment?
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