Monday, July 8, 2013

Eating your way through Barcelona. Part UNO

Food glorious food, you will sing these words often in Barcelona. Particularly if you choose to treat yourself to a night of exquisite local dining like at the charming and rightfully celebrated restaurant, La Pepita ( Shall I commence the obscene food pornography?

Start by ordering a few appetizers to share. We dove into these so quickly I failed to get a before shot. Let the ravaged plates speak for themselves. It probably doesn't matter what you order but this was a kind of croquette with sweet sauce and tart apple slices.

Get your own individual Sammy's. You'll need to eat these crispy bad boys with a knife and fork, and lick that soy avocado goodness off your fingers. I promise not to look.

We started with (delicious) wine but quickly grew jealous of the amazing gin and tonics we saw being made at the neighboring tables. We also read the words "world famous gin and tonics" in the menu and were instantly sold. They offer corking so we corked our wine and moved on to ginnier pastures. The face I'm making is probably related to the desert I just ate, which you can admire here:

This is chilled fresh pumpkin on fluffy cheese with honey and sugared nuts. Death and instant heaven. Come to me. 

It's a casual place, but its moments like these you must use as an excuse to get out your sparkly gold peep toes. You did lug them all the way to Europe, after all.

Sheer blouse hand me down from friend
Shorts hand me down from same friend (I have amazing friends)
Gold sparkly Nine West peep toes from DSW and probably made through salve labor and by chopping down a rain forest... But they were on sale! and so shiny! It was a momentary weakness and I will do better in the future.
African bracelet gift from Africa
Big red ring vintage from 70s (was my mom's)
Stack rings from Sole Shoes and Accessories (scoutmob)
Black nested ring from street artist in L5P
Shell ring home made by yours truly. Shell Yeah!

Want to go to La Pepita? Here's what you need to know:

Address: Còrsega, 343 Gracia, Barcelona 08037
Phone number: +34 932 38 48 93
Closed Sunday.
MAKE A RESERVATION!! This will allow you to breeze right through the hungry waiting crowds and go straight to your table.
Go late! Like anywhere in Spain it really comes to life after 9:30/10:00

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