Friday, May 31, 2013

Breezy green choices for Europe

Uniqlo Slub Maxi Dress (Image Source Here)
I want to move in to this maxi dress from Uniqlo. I want to build a picket fence around it, raise my children in its front yard, and grow old in it. That's how good it is. At first, when I tried it on, I was kind of disappointed that it didn't look as effortlessly glamorous on me as it did on the lovely website model. But I threw on a belt to synch it at the waist, and voila! I had a figure AND a breezy dress option for Europe.

Why you should pack this dress to travel:

  • It's made of a light jersey that stands up well to wrinkle.
  • It can be rolled up very small. 
  • You can dress it up or down with jewelry and shoe pairings.
  • It fits loosely around the legs so it doesn't impede walking strides like some maxi designs.
  • You can buy it in tons of different colors.
  • It's a semi Green option (Uniqlo gets points for recycling and ethically sourcing materials but loses points in possibly questionable labor practices). 
  • It's affordable at... holy crap I just checked the website and it's on sale for $7.90!!!!! GET YOU ONE, GIRL!

Uniqlo maxi
Beaded belt from Sole Shoes and Accessories (psst...they have a scoutmob deal on right now!)
Keen Emerald City walking sandals
Vintage thrifted box bag
Holy smokes I love a maxi for a voyage. Do you have any go-to styles for travel? I'd love to hear what's on YOUR packing list!

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