Friday, December 28, 2012

Drop Crotch December Dreams and Caribbean Cruise Scams

Nothing like drop crotch parachute pants for leaping into 75 degree weather! I am oh so blessed to spend another December in Jupiter. 

Besides romping around in my breezy pants (which I scored from the Bedouins when I was in Israel), the last few days have consisted of bike rides, pony-gawking, and lavender sunsets with dusk moons peeking over the Atlantic. 

The next few days involve participating in what I have now researched to become suspicious of as a cruise scam, with Caribbean Cruises (follow the link to read an article about whether it's legit or not). It was supposedly "free"... which in hindsight should have been a red flag as it is... and has been a predictable headache ever since. But what's done is done, so all I can really do now is enjoy this bizarre situation to the fullest! I shall do full recon and let you all know exactly how terrible (or wonderful??) it is. Sending warmth your way XOXO
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