Monday, May 17, 2010

the graduate who didn't walk

I decided to spare myself and my relatives the dullness of an official graduation ceremony, and skipped walking. I had a small twinge of regret seeing all the buzz on my campus. All the families were dressed to the nines walking around Atlanta looking hilariously lost, and I felt like an outsider peering in at my own life (your graduation is supposed to be this like monumental event, right?); but my regret was quickly drowned in my buddy's swimming pool. Laying out for the afternoon was far superior to sitting through a drawn out ceremony, which at a school as large as mine, is devoid of any individual attention or actual "walking" anyway.

In lieu of graduation, my family prepared a little happy hour in my honor. I was so surprised pulling up to their house and seeing graduation balloons on the mailbox and the dining room decorated with festive themed items such as chopsticks and Mao postcards. We had appetizers and champaign with strawberries, it was both personalized and the cutest thing ever.

No graduation is complete without gifts. We're an energy efficient family and naturally we recycle, so my mom used my old head shots from when I was a kid as wrapping paper. It's sort of a family joke because we ordered those head shots in bulk and barely used a fraction of them, and of course I grew out of the picture in a few years and grew to despise it! I won't say it didn't give me some satisfaction ripping into it.

Blogging (and everything else in life) will now be abazillion times easier with the contents of this package... the most spectacular awe-inspiring graduation gift of all time: A MAC BOOK PRO!

The angels sang as I removed it from its box and whispered "Excalibur."

That evening was my choice, hibachi and sake, of which I am still reaping the benefits of the leftovers.

By the end of the evening, I couldn't believe there had been a moment that day when I had actually regretted my graduation choices. With such an amazing family and so many blessings raining down on me, I must conclude that I am the luckiest little graduate that never walked.
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