Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fashion Undead or Off With Its Head??

Sometimes I wonder if any other thrifting enthusiasts and old-stuff collectors share one of my major personality flaws-- a tendency to hoard. While sometimes I stand by my pack rat neuroses (if it weren't for people who hate to throw things away, where would we get all our antiques and vintage in the first place, right??), I have to admit that it can go too far. 

For me, it can go too far while out on the thrifting front, where I snatch up items that don't really have a ton going for them other than their shiny colors or outright ridiculousness caught my eye. I think any kitsch lover must as a requirement also have a soft spot in his or her heart for weirdness. The result? A box in my closet overflowing with undeniably awesome but questionably wearable clothing. 

Thus the beginnings of a new periodical feature on Zombie Lace: FASHION UNDEAD or OFF WITH ITS HEAD? One thing I'm interested in doing with this blog is making it more interactive, so I decided that one way I could help my pack rat addiction is to get my much trusted well loved readers involved. Every so often (I do hate strict schedules) I will feature an item of clothing from my "I HAD to buy this from the thrift store but now that I have it I have no idea how to wear it" pile. I'll blabber on and enumerate the good and bad features of the piece, and that's where you come in with your lovely opinions and mouse clicking abilities. Just leave a comment or use that mouse clicking power to participate in the super cool poll!

Today's Featured Item: The Very Colorful 1996 Shirt!

No, you don't need to adjust the brightness your computer screen. The colors on this collared shirt from 1996 really are this fresh! But the question is, are they just fresh enough or too fresh to be allowed? Before you decide, here it is worn a few different ways.

Classic opened.

Knotted at waist.


Worn by a boy.

Now be honest: Would you have grabbed this shirt off the racks at your local Value Village? Do you see the crazy multicolored potential I saw? Or should this shirt be put in a time machine and sent back to the Atlanta '96 Olympics where it belongs?
The Colorful 1996 Shirt!
Awesomely Undead!
Off With Its Head!
Looks better on a boy.

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